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Legal Resources

We’re proud to provide you with the following resources:

Court Resources

     Tentative Rulings / Probate Notes

     If you have an upcoming Court hearing, you can check the status on that hearing by clicking on the appropriate links below.
     The Tentative Rulings, often times referred to as "Probate Notes," are where the Court provides information regarding upcoming hearings.  The Judge or the Probate Attorney for the Judge reviews each document filed and makes notes and recommendations in advance of the hearing.  The Court may state whether it is likely to approve or deny the matter based upon the documents filed, or whether the Court wants further information, either in the form of additional documents to be filed before the hearing or testimony to be given at Court.
     The information is usually available approximately 1 week prior to the Court hearing.  However, depending upon the Court's workload, sometimes this information is not available until closer to the hearing date.
     Also, it is not infrequent for the Probate Notes/Tentative Rulings to be reviewed and updated by the Court as the hearing date approaches.  You may want to check back just before the hearing.

     Los Angeles County Superior Court
     You will need to know the Case Number in order to access this information.

     Riverside County Superior Court
     You will need to know the District where your matter is being heard - Hemet, Indio, Riverside or Temecula.
     On the bottom of the page, select the District where your matter is being heard.  Scroll through to find your matter.

     San Bernardino County Superior Court
     You will need to know the Date of the hearing.  Click on the file name corresponding to the date of your hearing.  This will provide a PDF of all the hearings for that week.  Scroll through to find your matter.

     Santa Barbara Superior Court
     You will need to know either the case number (best choice), the name of the Judicial Officer, or the hearingd date and department.

      Ventura County Superior Court
     Click the tab entitled "Tentative Ruling" in the middle of the page.
     You will need to know the Case Number in order to access this information.  If you do not have the case number, you can look it up if you know the name of one of the parties or their attorney.  Click the tab entitled "Case Search" and then select "Participant Name" from the Name field.

Professional Organizations and Governmental Agencies

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